Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starr Kydd Photography

you know on facebook, they have the live news feeds of your friends. well i rarely look at that, but i saw my friend Carleton Starr's status saying: "just uploaded 3 pics to 'my photography' gallery (2nd page). lemme know what you think..."

So i peeped it and wow. i never knew. He captures the most natural beauty of San Diego. Looking through his album def made me miss "sunny San Diego" i am usually not into photography that is so simple, but i am so intrigued by his simplicity and how he works with the natural light source. and especially the moment he captures when the sun is setting or when the water hits the rocks.

simply amazing

Oh, i forgot to mention that this man is probably the sweetest guy i know! you know when u meet someone for the first time its either gunna be a real awkward situation or you just click instantly? well Carleton is one of those individuals who is sooo easy to talk to! annd he has a pretty amazing boyfriend also (hey Andy!)

so keep an eye out for him World!

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