Sunday, January 3, 2010


the big question everyone ask are "what's your new years resolution?"

but my favorite are when people say they don't have one because new years resolutions are meant to be broken/ or that just dont want one. I honestly think its BS! i believe the purpose of a resolution is to make progress in your life. pushing yourself to be that better person u strive to be. NO ONE IS PERFECT. Perfect is in the eyes of the beholder.

anyways here are my goals/resolution for 2010:

1. trip to NEW YORK! live as they do.
2. cut back on rice and potatoes (baaaaad Carbs)
3. smoke trees privately not socially.
4. develop a successful blog. (which means more blogging!!)
5. train and complete a marathon
6. by the end of the year pay my parents back at least $5,000
7. but first, establish a career
8. work my first collection for Fall/Winter
9. get tatted up
10. hustle harder.

...its feasible right? i will keep yall updated with any of my goals.

happy new years! make 2010 the year!

kisses <3

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