Tuesday, January 12, 2010


so this is pretty ridiculous, i just realized that during our vegas trip me and my girls were all rocking BEBE!?? damn i never realized how much BEBE pieces i have. Also we made a quick stop at the BEBE OUTLETS just before Vegas. annnd seriously we hit the jackpot! $5 -20 sale! yeaaaaaaa buddy!
$10 sweetheart scrunched dress w/ stud embelishments
$5 high waisted skirt, with metal zipper CB
$10 mesh/ spandex top.
$5 Beige fringe soft leather jacket
$20 Black Leggings
$5 sleeveless button down collar shirt

$20 electric blue studded sweetheart tube dress

$20 embellished sequence loose top

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Troy Holm said...

i really dig your stuff. all of it, but i randomly decided to put my comment on this one. i'm new to the blog scene. friends suckered me into it, and now i really enjoy it, especially when i come across ones like yours. i hope we can talk some time and you could, perhaps, help me with my blog and make me feel less retarded with it. haha. anyway, my name is troy and i'm at: exmypa.blogspot.com . hope you follow me and critique me so we will have more to talk about. thanks.