Monday, January 25, 2010


I just couldn't wait till this movie is over. What movie? "The Pregnancy Pact" on Lifetime. Its based on a true story about 17 girls in one high school getting pregnant at the same time. Not one of the girls are older than 16 yrs old when they came up positive.

4 of the girls made a pact to be pregnant at the same time so that they can raise their kids together, and that their kids can grow up together and be best friends. They just find it to be so glamorous and nothing but cute, fun lil times.

It surprises me that these girls have no other goals for themselves other than being a mother. Every girl has the potential to explore their dreams, the world, and their options. I have nothing against teen pregnancy (few of friends that became a teen parent, usually by accident), its just when they are so closed minded from the opportunities that awaits them.

its all about communication between the parents and the child. and by that i mean, an open and comfortable relationship between them is key.

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Alexandria said...

yea girl i seen that movie, crazy ridiculous!