Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Yesterday at work my Big toe broke the fall of a heavy glass shelf. Because I saved the life of the shelf i am now not enjoying my life right now. I've never felt this much pain before, and hope to never feel anything like this ever again.

Today, I had a very important job interview with Byer Califonia. Just because of my disability I HAD to go to this interview. So the only shoe that fit my FAT TOE were my combat boots. How unprofessional, i know! Had no choice. But luckily they understood, and I did really well in my interview!!! Hope to hear from them next week with some good news.

Anyways, what I wanted to say was that: the smallest part of your body can effect your entire body and also your life. This toe makes it really difficult to walk around, brings chills down my back, shooting pains up my leg, and sleepless nights. So it is extremely important to put your health and safety as a first priority. We only have one, so make it last long.

Stay righteous =.]


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