Wednesday, February 25, 2009


im sure you have all hear the news about the "hot, young" hollywood couple Chris Brown and Rihanna unfortunate situation. Prior to this you've only seen them making music videos, on the red carpet, making bubble gum commercials, and as a fashion/hair icon. Now all of that is forgotten, they are real people with jealousy, anger, rage, and no self control.

Chris is ONLY what 19???20 the most? he is still a BOY and he is capable of doing that much damage!?? What could have possessed him to continue to beat her that way he did? Also i heard that this was not the first physical abuse he's committed. What upsets me the most is that he is a boy, a boy that thinks he is a MAN to think he has that much power over his girl to hit her?! I dont care if he watched his mom get beaten as growing up (thats another unfortunate situation) but i would think he would grow to know that those actions are not right. especially if it was your MOTHER getting beaten?! wouldnt you think one would have more respect for women havin to watch his MOTHER go through that abuse.

Somewhere in between he got lost. Maybe the fame, maybe the puberty, maybe the parental guidance. who knows! but i sure do know is that this just shows that CHIVALRY IS DEAD! if a BOY that sings love sappy song to females and then treats his main chick like this. Something is wrong with the youth today.

being a gentleman is sexy! for you guys that dont get it, it is. just a HINT. and if you dont get the hint heres a photo to help you out.

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